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Night At The Net is the most anticipated event of the summer to benefit BML.
A volleyball tournament with a maximum 16 teams in a backyard setting taking place July 12th in the Lakewood vicinity.

The event will start off with warm ups at 6:00pm and first games scheduled at 6:30pm. Tournament rules will be displayed at the venue alongside referees.

Following the championship game there will be a trophy presentation.

Through out the event, there will be a lavish BBQ, cigars, wine & beer to enjoy while Beri Weber performs with Eli Lax LPR project band.

Join the Volley

About Bais Medrash L'Torah

Bais Medrash L'Torah under the leadership of Rav Yisroel Goldblatt is achieving and exceeding the goals of it's mission on a daily basis. The Yeshiva consists of both a Bais Medrash program for boys ages 18+, and a Kollel. BML is focused on developing each and every talmid into a true Ben Torah. As this critical juncture in their lives, they are guided through the transition from a full day of learning to a full life of learning. Much of this is accomplished beyond the walls of the Bais Medrash . The Yeshiva employs a 360 approach to each individual, caring not only for his success in learning, but his overall success, his middos and hashkafas hachayim, shidduchim, and shalom bayis. In addition, many of our Bochrim utilize their time in the afternoon to pursue and build their careers. The kollel too works along with the faculty to provide the student body role models they can aspire to. At BML each talmid becomes part of a family, gaining friends and rabbeim for life.
The Yeshiva's programming includes: 3 regular daily sedorim, regular shiurim, va'adim, various chaburos, Daf HaYomi, Sunday Morning and daily evening kollelim for Alumni and Balei Batim, Shabbos retreats, Shidduchim guidance and assistance, mentorship programs, and so much more.

This unique Yeshiva fills a necessary void in the Lakewood community. Hundreds of alumni and their families testify the the successes of BML is creating true B'nei Torah, who are Koveahittim, and shining examples of what we want our children and grandchildren to be like. Therefore, your support for the critical work of BML is needed now more than ever.

For More information visit www.bmltorah.org
About Bais Medrash L'Torah